WE ARE            BECAUSE    YOU ARE

Value Exchange Africa (VEA)

Think community, connection and exchange. A virtual space where we get to demonstrate our value within our broad collective.  Create your own profile, find partners, source and offer goods, services, skills and your time; find a space to integrate your enterprise. But above all, embrace the spirit of our times, where the regeneration of our great continent is uppermost on the agenda. So, let us exchange in ways that make sense to our situations; let us place real value at the centre of what we do and let us enable the VEA in ways that are wise, new and smart. Our use of disruptive technologies: like the establishment of the cryptographic VEA Coin, or our VEA Index, shall follow clear intentions.  We are because you are with us!


The Thinking


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VEA Membership Area
VEA Market Place
VEA Index 
VEA Coin System

Where REAL VALUE is shared.... 

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