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Message from HIA founder

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

It is our interconnectivity as peoples that defines our humanity; and it is in this way that communities across Africa are configured around the central idea that a person is a person because of other persons. However far we may deviate from this truth, our global collective futures compel us to return to this point of origin.

It is a privilege to serve with real purpose and that is exactly why Hosted in Africa comes into being. Our aim is to accelerate the growing understanding that within our great continent, there is an abundance that continues to nourish various global realities: resources that underpin world economies, cultural and spiritual riches that bring soul to communities world wide; intellectual, emotional and spiritual fortitude, etched into the subliminal global mindset and much more. A world order designed to make the obvious invisible, has perhaps done so in complete awe of a power source it deems unattainable to itself.

So, it is time to disabuse myth and to be forthright in projecting the image and nuance of the authentic excellence that pervades our spaces and that offers our collective humanity many answers to life's most pressing issues. We mean to influence on a universal scale, working from the internal outward; reminding not just ourselves, but all around and connected to us, that Africa, its peoples, its diaspora shall forever be at the centre, asserting a new collective order!

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